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We Are More Than Just a Speaker Provider Agency

We go beyond just providing speakers for events and conferences. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and goals, and provide customized solutions to meet those needs. Our Team Offers Comprehensive Event Management Services, Including Marketing and Promotion, for Successful Events


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What We Offer

We offer experienced and skilled professionals who can host and manage events, engage with the audience, and ensure its success. Our trainers provide effective and customized training sessions to improve employee skills and enhance overall organizational performance.


We provide skilled professionals who conduct interviews and offer valuable insights to enhance the show or event experience. Our team customizes solutions to meet clients’ specific requirements.


We offer skilled event anchors to host and manage successful events, and corporate trainers to provide customized training sessions to enhance employee skills and organizational performance.

Testimonials videos

Testimonial videos are a potent marketing tool featuring satisfied customers or clients sharing their positive experiences with a product or brand, building credibility and social proof.


We offer expert trainers who provide customized training sessions to improve employee skills and enhance overall organizational performance. Our trainers have extensive industry experience and are equipped with the latest training methodologies.

Informative videos

Informative videos educate and build trust, driving leads and sales. Testimonial videos provide social proof and credibility through positive customer experiences.


we offer experienced professionals who can share their expertise and engage with the audience on various topics. Our speakers bring unique perspectives and insights to the table, making for an informative and engaging podcast.

Client’s Feedback


Mr. Harsh Mandhani
    Mr. Harsh Mandhani

    Brand Manager, Varad Crop Science Pvt. Ltd.

    Varad Crop Science Private Limited in Aurangabad, Maharashtra utilized Pacers Media’s video shoot and editing services to capture farmer testimonials. The team was professional, reliable, and delivered high-quality work that accurately portrayed the company’s message.

    Mr. Satish Parab
      Mr. Satish Parab

      Founder & Ceo Suvarna Kokan Foundation Mumbai

      We were looking for the best speaker for training and marketing our brand to young farm entrepreneurs. Our research was completed with pacer media. They have the most experienced Speaker, with a great deal of expertise and values. Strongly recommended for all trainings & meetings.

      Mr. Sachin Chavan
        Mr. Sachin Chavan


        Pacers Media is full of a young talented team. I was in search of a Speaker for a video presentation. The video was about the agriculture sector Pacers exactly matches my requirement as their speaker is from an agricultural background with lots of experience. their camera-facing, shooting and presentation skills are highly appreciable. If you are looking expert anchor for video pacers media is the ultimate solution for you.

        Frequently Asked Questions
        What is anchor benefits?

        An anchor can bring numerous benefits to an event, including the ability to manage and engage with the audience, keep the event on schedule, and add a professional touch to the overall experience. They can also help to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, as well as manage any unexpected challenges that may arise during the event.

        What is a corporate speaker?

        A corporate speaker is a professional who is hired to deliver informative and engaging presentations to employees or clients of a company. They are usually subject matter experts who provide valuable insights, training, or motivational speeches that can help improve employee skills, boost productivity, and enhance overall business performance.

        What does an anchor do for a business?

        An anchor can bring many benefits to a business event, such as managing the program and keeping it on schedule, engaging with the audience and creating a comfortable and professional atmosphere, introducing speakers or presenters, and managing any unexpected challenges that may arise during the event. Overall, an anchor can help to ensure that the event runs smoothly and leaves a positive impression on attendees, which can enhance the business’s reputation and strengthen relationships with clients and partners

        How is anchoring used in marketing?

        Anchoring can be used in marketing to create a positive association between a product or brand and a particular emotion, value, or experience. For example, an anchor can help to convey the excitement and exclusivity of a product launch event, or highlight the benefits and unique features of a new product through engaging and informative presentations. By using anchoring techniques effectively, businesses can build stronger connections with their target audience, increase brand awareness and loyalty, and ultimately drive sales and revenue.

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